Rear spoiler installation – bolt-on system

Our spoilers are supplied WITHOUT any kind of installation hardware – sorry it sometimes can increase shipping price so we decided NOT TO ENCLOSE installation hardware such as adhesive, bolts and etc

Installation of bolt-on spoiler

Firs of all you need to find out which bolt must be used ( mostly it’s so-called 6mm thread )

Take a closer look on the spoiler to find out how much bolts you need ( 2-8 pcs )

Please do a test fit to trunk to see where to drill holes for bolts ( sometimes on cars like VOLVO V-series there are marks for drilling )

Please apply adhesive/sealant on place where spoiler connects to your car’s surface – this must be done to prevent water leaking !

Paint the spoiler !

Install the spoiler and fasten it using bolts/Screws

If you have any questions – feel free to contact us !


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