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Porsche Cayenne Eyebrows installation manual

This manual describes installation process of Porsche Cayenne 955 Eyebrows ( and applies to all Cayenne eyebrows )

You will need :

Eyebrows : Cayenee EYEBROWS

Adhesive – we recommend to use SIKA

Scotch tape

A Helping Hand 🙂

  1. Please do a test fit – you will see that there is a huge gap when you press on one side – don’t worry the material is elastic
  2. Paint the eyebrows
  3. Prepare surfaces for installation ( method differs based from adhesive )
  4. Apply adhesive – DO NOT USE SEALANT
  5. Install eyebrows and fasten it with scotch tape

Fiberglass Eyebrows and small fiberglass products installation

This manual describes installation process of fiberglass eyebrows for BMW E70

The process is similar to and applies to all eyebrows and small fiberglass items such as spoilers, flaps, add-ons and etc

We recommend to use ADHESIVE / HYBRID ADHESIVE such as SIKA FLEX

ATTENTION – do not use sealant – IT’S NOT AND ADHESIVE

To succesfully install your product you will need

  • adhesive
  • cleaning liquid ( alchohol for example )
  • scotch tape

First of all – please examine the received product ! Some minor cratches are allowed due to production ( this is easy covered by a skilled&professional paint job using proper filler )

Please do a test fit ! And notice where to apply pressure ( if it is requiered )

Paint the product, we recommend to use elastificated paint materials to avoid further cracks ( see video belowe for painted spoiler – we can twist the product and there are no scratches/marks – )

Prepare the surface where the product must be installed to ( in our case it’s a headlight ). Clean it with cleaner and apply primer ( in case of SIKA is used ). Apply primer to product.

Apply the adhesive to the product, install it to the car and fasten for 24h with scotch tape, after 24h remove the tape and enjoy

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