Month: April 2016

Fiberglass diffuser installation manual

Diffuser installation manual for AUDI A6 4F :

This Fiberglass diffuser installation manual can also give you inspiration on how to install fiberglass parts which are “a little bit short and i’m a little bit lazy to do something”

Diffuser ( and more other cool stuff for your A6 4f ) can be found here :

  1. Remove your existing diffuser and note how it is installed on to car ( 4 bolts underneath your car – it’s very important ). For other fiberglass products you need to understand the principles of the installation process – it is all the same.
  2. Do a test fit of a new diffuser, it will look a little shorter when not installed – it’s OK – you must understand that fiberglass is elastic material and that not installed product always will look like it’s not suitable.


3. Starting from one side ( we started from a left side ) fix new diffuser using old screw to the car ( sometimes you need to drill additional hole in the diffuser / fiberglass part )


4. Gently push from left side to right side apllying a little force and ask for assistance. One person is holding/pushing diffuser and second one fastens it under the car using existing screws. So you move from left side to opposite side accordingly applying a little pressure to diffuser when screwing it on to car


5. This is it, fasten other side and enjoy


BMW E70 Aerodynamic arches flares installation user manual

Sport Arches installation manual on Е70 Х5

Arches can be found here

Arches/flares for BMW X5 E70 2006-2014

For installation you will need:

1) Hands ( two hands and a clean mind )

2) Rivets and a gun for it

3)  Electronic drill to drill correct holes for rivets

1) Remove existing arches, you will destroy 99% of existing rivets, remove the parts of the rivets from the splash guards

2) Do a test fit to find out where to drill the holes for rivets on the new arches


3) Clip in arches, don’t be afraid to apply pressure and force ( stretch the arches – material is elastic enough ). Push the arch inside desired places and fasten it with rivets

 REAR ARCH INSTALLATION VIDEO Training Day 020416 training day with IFBB Athlete Janis Pavkshtello and DJ Gustavito

BMW E53 4.6is bodykit installed

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