Fiberglass products installation, Spoiler installation

Fiberglass products installation. Fiberglass product:

Roof spoiler Audi A6 C6 4F 04-11 for saloon by™

For installation you need:

Glue/Adhesive ( we recommend SIKA / SIKA FLEX527AT )

Scotch Tape

A free pair of hands

You must do a test fit with a non-painted fiberglass product :

Prepare auto(suv and etc) surface for installation ( clean it, remove extra, drill the holes and etc )

Prepare the product for installation ( first of all – paint it, apply activator in case of SIKA use, drill holes and etc )

Apply glue/adhesive, the amount of applied adhesive must be enough to fully cover the layer between product and surface

Install the product on to the car and fasten it ( fix it ) with scotch tape for a period shown by adhesive’s manufacturer

Remove the scotch tape and enjoy

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